m o o n b a b y

I can feel this heart inside me and I conclude it exists. I can touch this world and I also conclude that it exists. All my knowledge ends at this point. The rest is hypothesis.

Anonymous asked: V important. So id like to go to USF (it's my first choice). I went on their website and looked at the requirements (what they look at) and such, browsed a bit as well. I'm just not sure what grades I should get and how many AP's I should take and such. If you don't mind explaining, what did you do and what do you recommend. Id like to not stress myself out to the max, but I feel as if that's what I have to do to ensure that I get in. Thank Danyelle! (If you'd like this private just let me know)

i will happily answer this if you send it privately :+)

the problem is i never just get a lil cold…like i all ready know how this is going to escalate…im too sick for it to just stay at this.. :+(

attention…i am …dying…mucus projecting out of my throat and nose hole….low grade fever?!…this is how it always begins…until i contract some serious illness for a ridiculously long period of time (flu, pneumonia) help!!!

i feel like the only way to rid me of my dad’s weird controlling behavior is to just be brutally open and honest about my sex life.„like fit a reference into every conversation…i am sexually active!!! there is nothing to “save” or “give” anymore. im not “pure” okay???


tbh if im the worst and most disappointing (seems doubtful but all right) person in your life then that’s totally cool if you don’t want to be friends anymore
ive done my part and tried but idk it’s not enough for you
you never respond or try so im not going to have hurt feelings about it or feel guilty
your choice
sucks that we can’t be close unless im heart broken…god forbid im happy

my dad gave me the whole “whatever do what you want” thing and said he’s done arguing w me…like..ok….i will literally do what i want so don’t text me at 1 when i don’t come home and throw a fit

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I thought: please don’t grow
familiar. I think I said it out loud:
Please don’t let me love you
that horrible way. ~Olena Kalytiak Davis, And Her Soul Out Of Nothing (via avvfvl)

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You are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing. ~E.E. Cummings (via rabbitinthemoon)